Gtk+ Language Trainer is a vocabulary training application, meaning that you can maintain and extend your vocabulary on a language of your choice with it.


languagetrainer 0.5.7

The latest version features several usability improvements, such as recent files support, search widget embedded to the main window, restructured menus, improvements to the editor, as well as a few bug fixes.

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Gtk+ Language Trainer offers the most for those who want long term results and really wish to learn to master the language they are studying. The training paradigm tries to help you to focus on words that cause trouble, while still making sure that you don't forget the easier ones either.

Gtk+ Language Trainer is able to please those who prefer learning a language by themselves, as it comes with an integrated editor that gives you the ability to create custom learning material. You can use the editor to improve your material a bit by bit and end up with a dictionary with thousands of words, or write small lessons that reflect the vocabulary of chapters of your school books.

Gtk+ Language Trainer has a broad support for different languages, including ones that use special characters or are written from right to left. You can use any combination of two or more languages in your studies, given that your learning material supports everything you want. You can also use the editor to translate lessons to languages of your choice.

Gtk+ Language Trainer comes with a number of other useful features, such as:


Gtk+ Language Trainer is experimental software and lacks a few features and a lot of stability at this day and time. The most crucial features are incorporated already so the software should be usable for the brave who don't mind a little instability, but still be aware of this.